Review from the 100 Club. Oxford St, London

25th of November


Review from Lymm Festival Blues night Winter Warmer

14th November​

Queen of the Blues and Soul, MaKuini proved how great she is with her diverse performance of slow ballads and up beat groove music - she was fabulous! The audience tapped their feet in time to the music whilst others got up to dance. The Hoo Doo Men played the Blues the way it is meant to be - we loved it. Paul Burgess, Pete 'Sarge' Frampton, George Glover, Wayne Morgan, stars in their own right, proved their class and reputation with their superb performance.  According to our Events Director and Blues Specialist, this was 'the best' Festival Blues Night ever since they began in 2005.


Review from Chester Blues Festival 18th of October

You Tube-ing acts you don’t know doesn’t always paint the right picture. So it was with the afternoon’s main act, MaKuini.  A quick chat at the bar afterwards revealed the Maori ‘White Queen’ was happy to be considered an Etta James tribute act.  But ‘tribute act’ doesn’t cover the real wealth of diverse talent here as she and The Hoo Doo Men, an outfit of seasoned rock stalwarts led by The Escape Committee guitarist Sarge Frampton, certainly pushed the excitement level up. Anyway, after a career which has included singing the NZ national anthem at rugby internationals and playing alongside Yul Brynner in The King and I, she is obviously a dab hand at this versatility game.

She phrased suitably well as Etta on a storming ‘Come to Mama’ but her own ‘Down on Their Luck -‘ written when she was touring South America and referencing the jungle city of Manaus – is just as convincing a showcase of her talents.  Is this the first blues from the Amazon delta? ‘Corporate Man’ offered a chance for Frampton to stand in the spotlight.  The finale ‘I Just Want to Make Love To You’ featured a riff heavy enough for an easy segue into ‘Born To Be Wild.’

MaKuini has been likened to Tina Turner, Billie Holliday, Janis Joplin and Etta James. But she’s simply a great voice in her own right.

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'Let it Flow'

Her renditions are too intelligent to fall in the mimicry that plagues the vocal jazz word today and the intelligence also reaches the track listing which doesn’t plumb for the usual obvious numbers, wonderfully arranged by Tom Pilling.

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'You were amazing and added such a wonderful aura to the day.'

 Charles Stisted -Chief Executive